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Research Committees

Subject to the general supervision of the Academic Council, all matters connected with the Doctoral programme of a Ph.D. Scholar are dealt with in accordance with these ordinances by the following committees:

  • The Research Degree Committee (RDC)
  • The Research Advisory Committee (RAC)
  •  Counselling Sub Committee
  1. The Research Degree Committee (RDC)

The RDC consist of the following:-

  1. Director or his nominee (Chairman)
  2. Four experts nominated by the Director for two years
  3. Heads of the concerned Divisions
  4. Supervisor and Co-supervisor, if any, of the Ph.D. Scholar
  5. The Registrar (Member Secretary)

The RDC:

  1. Consider the recommendations of the RAC with regard to appointment or change of supervisor/co-supervisor.
  2. Consider the report of the examiners and take the decision for the award of degree.
  3. Consider the report of RAC regarding extension of the term of registration of a Ph.D. Scholar beyond four years.
  4. The RDC will ascertain whether the certificate has been issued by the supervisor regarding incorporating corrections as suggested by the examiners. 
  5. The RDC may act against the supervisors who may be found lacking in their duty as Supervisor. The RDC may even consider debarring the Supervisor from taking further scholars.   
  1. The Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

The standing RAC for the Ph.D. Scholars in each discipline is constituted by the Director, FRI/Research Centers concerned.
     The RAC consist of the following:-

    1. Chairman
    2. Two experts from outside the division/institute.
    3. One expert from the division
    4. One Statistician/Research Methodology Expert
    5. Supervisor and Co-supervisor-Ex-officio Member
    6. Member Secretary – Head of Division (in case of FRI)/
    7. Nodal Officer or his nominee (in case of research center)

The standing RAC is constituted for two years. The member secretary may convene the meeting of RAC in consultation with the chairman and the other members as and when necessary.

The RAC:

  1. Examine the synopsis received from the applicant for enrollment as Ph.D. Research Scholar and shall hold a synopsis seminar in which all the Forest Officers/ Scientists/RAC/Research Scholars of the concerned Division/Research Center shall participate. The suggestions made in the seminar may be incorporated in the synopsis already submitted by the candidate. The RAC after holding the synopsis seminar shall recommend appropriate topic for registration and approve the synopsis after necessary revision/correction/modification as per the Ph.D. Ordinance.  The recommendation of RAC should come in the Performa as given in Appendix-3;
  2. Recommend supervisor/co-supervisor as per clause 5 of the Ph.D. Ordinance.
  3. Examine the qualification of the Supervisor and will ensure that the supervisor/co-supervisor is qualified to guide research scholar in the concerned field of research.
  4. Recommend, if necessary, in consultation with the Supervisor/Co-Supervisor for constitution of an Advisory Committee consisting of the Scientist/Teacher/Forester concerning the field of research of the Research Scholar. The Advisory Committee shall help/guide the Research Scholar in his/her research work in consultation with and overall supervision of the Supervisor;
  5. Examine the application of the Research Scholar for extension of his/her term of registration beyond four years and recommend to the RDC for extension of his/her term of registration for maximum of one year; also examine the progress reports of the research scholars as per synopsis
  6. Recommend short-term basic course in Silviculture/Forestry/Forest Management/ Mensuration/Forest Ecology subjects for those who have no knowledge of these subjects;
  7. To hold pre-thesis submission seminar of a Research Scholar who has completed his/her research work and recommend a panel of eight examiners giving brief bio-data and indicating major areas of research/expertise of the examiners.

While making their recommendations the RAC shall see that the recommendations are made in conformity with the ordinance and such other directives as may be issued from time to time by the Academic Council in regard to matters connected with Ph.D. research.


There is a Counseling sub Committee for the purpose of counseling the research scholars and the concerned supervisors including the resolution of grievances if any.

The Counseling sub Committee consist of the following: -

1 Dean (Academic), FRI (Deemed) University Chairman
2 Any two Head of Divisions of FRI/other research center         :            
(To be nominated by the Director, FRI /Chairman Academic council) 
3 One Officer other than from FRIDU& its research centres       :          
(To be nominated by the Director, FRI /Chairman Academic council) 
4 Registrar, FRI (Deemed) University: Member Secretary

All the cases involving academic/research interests of the research scholar and the supervisor should be addressed to the Director, FRI.

 Terms of the reference of the Sub Committee are as follows:-

  1. The committee shall look into all the matters that may be referred to it by Chairman, Academic Council.
  2. The Chairman, Academic Council may direct office of the Registrar, FRI (Deemed) University to examine the cases related to academic/research interests of the research scholar and the supervisor and may issue suitable instructions. In exceptional cases, which may require detailed analysis, the Director/Chairman Academic Council may refer such cases to the Counseling Sub Committee for its opinion. 
  3. The Sub Committee may study the specific cases and device its own procedure to analyze the issue referred to it and may submit its recommendation to the Director. The Director, FRI/Chairman Academic Council may pass appropriate order on the recommendation of the Counseling Sub Committee. 
  4. The Chairman of the Sub Committee may convene the meeting of the Sub Committee as and when necessary. 
  5. Counseling Sub Committee shall examine the representations referred to it by the Research Degree Committee/Academic Council and may submit its recommendation to the Research Degree Committee/Academic Council.  

Minutes of the Meetings of Research Degree Committee

  1. Minutes of Research Degree Committee held on 29.03.2017
  2. Minutes of Research Degree Committee held on 15.06.2017
  3. Minutes of Research Degree Committee held on 20.09.2017
  4. Minutes of Research Degree Committee held on 27.12.2017
  5. Minutes of Research Degree Committee held on 11.04.2018
  6. Minutes of Research Degree Committee held on 03.08.2018
  7. Minutes of Research Degree Committee held on 11.09.2018
  8. Minutes of Research Degree Committee held on 16.11.2018