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Board of Management


The Board of Management is the principal organ of management in the Institute. It is a compact and homogeneous body enabling it promptly to take and implement well considered decisions and an effectively handle crisis situations.


The Board of Management is the principal executive body of the Institute and shall, in addition to all powers vested in it have the following powers namely:

  1. To manage and administer the revenues and properties of the Institute and to  conduct all administrative affairs of the Institute not otherwise specifically provided for.
  2. To create teaching and academic posts. To determine numbers, qualification and cadres thereof as approved by the University Grants Commission and the emoluments of such posts in consultation with the Finance Committee.
  3. To appoint such Professors, Associate Professors, (Readers), Asstt. Professors (lecturers) and other academic staff as may be necessary on the recommendation of the Selection Committee.
  4. To lay down the duties and conditions of service of the Professors, Associate Professors, Asst. Professor and other academic staff maintained by the Institute, in consultation with the Academic Council.
  5. To provide for appointment of visiting Fellows and visiting Professors.
  6. To create administrative, ministerial and other necessary post in terms of the cadres laid down or otherwise and to make appointment thereof in consultation with the Finance Committee.
  7. To grant leave of absence to the Director or any other officer of the Institute not being the Chairman of the Board of Management and to make necessary arrangements for carrying on the functions of the officers proceeding on leave during their absence.
  8. To regulate and enforce discipline among the employees of the Institute and to take appropriate disciplinary action, wherever necessary.
  9. To manage and regulate the finances, accounts, investments property and all other administrative affairs of the Institute and for that purpose to appoint such agent or agents as it may deem fit.
  10. To entertain and adjudicate upon and, if thought fit, to redress any grievances of the employees and students of the Institute.
  11. To select emblem and to have a common seal for the Institute and to provide for the custody and use of such seal.
  12. To institute fellowship, including Traveling, Fellowships, Scholarships, Studentships, Medals and prizes in accordance with the bye-laws to be framed for the purpose.
  13. To amend and receive payment of fees and other charges.
  14. To appoint such committees for such purpose and with such powers as the Board of Management may think fit and co-opt such persons on these committees as it thinks fit.
  15. To appoint Auditors for the ensuring year.
  16. To open account or accounts of the Institute with any one or more scheduled Banks and to lay-down the procedure for operating the same.
  17. To manage the finance, accounts, investment, moveable properties, business and other administrative affairs of the Institute.
  18. To issue appeals for funds for carrying out the objectives and consistent with the provisions of the objectives clause of the Institute, to receive grants, donations, contribution, gifts, prizes, scholarship, fees and other moneys to give grants and donations, to award prizes, scholarship, etc.
  19. To purchase, take on lease or accept as gift or otherwise any land or buildings or works which may be necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Institute, and, on such terms and conditions as it may deem fit and proper and to construct or alter and maintain any such buildings or works.
  20. To draw and accept and make and endorse discount and negotiate Government of India’s and other promissory notes, bills and exchange, cheques or other negotiable instruments.
  21. To transfer or accept transfers of any moveable property on behalf of the Institute.
  22. To advice the Holding trustees (if any) on matters regarding acquisition, management and disposal of any immovable property on behalf of the Institute. 
  23. To provide building or buildings, premises, furniture, fittings, equipments, appliances, and other facilities required for carrying on the work of the Institute. 
  24. To execute in consultation with the Holding trustees (if any) conveyances, transfer, Government Securities re-conveyances, mortgages, leases, bonds licenses and arrangement in respect of property, moveable or immoveable, belonging to the Institute or to be acquired for the purposes of the Institute.
  25. To appoint, in order to execute an instrument or transact any business of the Institute, any person as attorney of the Institute with such powers as it may deem fit.
  26. In consultation with the Holding trustees (if any), to raise and borrow moneys on bonds, mortgages, promissory notes or other obligations or securities founded or based on any of the properties and assets of the Institute or without any securities and upon such terms and conditions as it may think fit and to pay out of the funds of the Institute, all expenses, incidental to the raising money and to repay and redeem any money borrowed.
  27. To invest the funds of the Institute or money entrusted to the Institute in or upon such securities and in such manner as it may deem fit and from time to time transpose any investment. 
  28. To maintain a fund to which shall be credited:
    1. All moneys provided by the Central or State Governments/University Grants Commission.
    2. All fees and other charges received by the Institute.
    3. All moneys received by the Institute as grants, gifts, donations, benefactions, bequests or transfer.
    4. All moneys received by the Institute in any other manner or from any other source.
  29. To deposit all money credited to the fund in Scheduled Banks or to invest them in consultation with the Finance Committee.
  30. To maintain proper accounts and other relevant records and prepare, Annual Statements of accounts including the Balance Sheet for every previous financial year, in such form as may be prescribed by the Bye –laws.
  31. To constitute, for the benefit of the teaching, academic, technical, administrative and other staff, in such manner and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed by the Regulation/Bye-laws such person, insurance, provident fund and gratuity as it may deem fit for the benefit of the employees of the Institute and to aid in the establishment and support of Association, Institutions, Funds, Trusts and Conveyances calculated to benefit the staff and the students of the Institute.
  32. To delegate all or any of its powers to any committee or sub-committee constituted by it or to the President or the Director of the Institute or any other person.
  33. To establish, on the advice of the Academic Council Divisions and Department for the academic work and functions of the Institute and to allocate areas of Study, Teaching and Research to them.
  34. To conduct examinations or tests for admission to the Course taught in the Institute, to conduct examinations for Degrees and Diplomas and to declare the results of such examinations and tests and to confer, grant or award Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and other academic titles and distinctions.
  35. To establish, maintain and manage hostels for the student of the Institute.
  36. To fix the emoluments and traveling and other allowances of examiners, moderators, tabulators and such other personnel appointed for examinations in consultation with Academic Council and the Finance Committee.
  37. To recognize and maintain control and supervision on hostels owned and managed by other agencies for the students of the Institute and to rescind such recognition.
  38. The Board of Management shall be the principal executive body of the Institute and shall have the powers to take all necessary decision for the smooth and efficient functioning of the Institute.

The Board of Management consist of:

1 Director General, ICFRE & Chancellor, FRIDU Chairman
2 Director, FRI & Vice- Chancellor, FRIDU Member Secretary
3 Deans (if any) not exceeding three by rotation Members & on seniority 
4 Three nominee of the President of the Institute Member
5 One eminent academic to be nominated by the Central Government in consultation with UGC Member
6 One nominee of the Govt. of India Member
7 One nominee of the funding agency/ agencies Member
8  Three teachers, Professors/ Reader/ lecturer Member (by rotation) according to seniority   
9 One nominee of the sponsoring society Member
10 The Registrar, F.R.I. (Deemed) University Secretary

The terms of membership of the Board of Management and its powers are as follows:

  1. All the members of the Board of Management other than the ex-officio members and the members of the teaching staff shall hold office for a term of three years and shall be eligible to reappointment.
  2. Members of teaching staff in the Board of Management shall hold office for a period of 2 years or till such time as they continue to be members if the teaching staff, whichever is less.


  1. The Board of Management meet at least four times a year. Not less than 15 days notice shall be given of a meeting of the Board of Management and a copy of the proceeding of each meeting are furnished to the President of the Institute as soon as possible after the meeting.
  2. Each member of the above body including its Chairman shall have one vote and decision at the meeting of the board shall be taken by simple majority. In case of a tie, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
  3. Every meeting of the above Body shall be presided over by the Chairman and, in his absence by a member chosen by the members present from amongst themselves shall preside over the meeting.
  4. Any business which it may be necessary for the above body to perform may be carried out by circulating appropriate resolution there-on among its members and any resolution so circulated and approved by a simple majority shall be as effective and building as if such resolution had been passed at the meeting of the Board.
  5. If a member other than Director or those representing the teachers accepts a full-time appointment in the Institute or he does not attend three consecutive meetings of the Board of Management without proper leave of absence of the Chairman, he shall cease to be a member of the above Body.

Minutes of the Meetings of Board of Management

  1. Minutes of Board of Management Meeting held on 16.06.2017
  2. Minutes of Board of Management Meeting held on 22.09.2017
  3. Minutes of Board of Management Meeting held on 02.01.2018
  4. Minutes of Board of Management Meeting held on 13.09.2018
  5. Minutes of Board of Management Meeting held on 26.10.2018